Someone really did leave the damn cake out in the rain. That’s my metaphorical summation of “Summer: The Donna Summer Musical.” Fans will recognize the allusion, and I’ll throw in one more for good measure. As we have learned over the past couple of decades, when jukebox musicals are bad, they are so, so bad. “Summer” is a case in point. The hits are all here, performed by two gifted singing actors: LaChanze as the later-career Donna, or “Diva Donna” as she is denoted in the program, and Ariana DeBose as the earlier “Disco Donna,” when Summer’s fame was at…

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  1. Hi Mr. Isherwood,
    I just read your review of “Summer”. I understand your opinion of the show. I’m sorry you didn’t like it. I was wondering if you came to the show with your Wife, and if She Liked it? It would be interesting to your readers to get a Woman’s perspective of the show as well. Again, just a thought. After reading your review, I will tell everyone I know to avoid this musical, just as I did after reading your review of “Jersey Boys” and “Beautiful”, which you stated, you were not fans of. I’m wondering how you enjoyed, “Priscilla, Queen of The Desert”? I’ll ook for your review on that as well.
    Continued success in your job.
    Mark J. Friedman